Thanks for your interest, my works include, but are not limited to: Glass art, Metal art, combination glass/metal in sculptures art pedestals, indoor and outdoor pieces, desks, tables and just about any custom combination you desire. If you have a design in mind, let's talk. Commissions are accepted.

Kendal's Travels
Kendal is currently in Baghdad, use the links below to read the Travel Journal and visit the photo galleries.

About the Artist
Kendal seems to be developing a unique way of creating art and becoming recognized in this format is his life-hope and goal. Thinking back, he remembers saying, "Someday I'm going to become a metal artist," but somehow things just slipped away . . . until now. Read More about Kendal »

"The Pear Goddess"
StarphireŽ and Metal

Height - 40"
Not Available for Sale

Currently on display at
"The Renaissance Pear"
Wichita Falls, Texas

Created by:
Kendal Hancock
Wichita Falls, Tx.